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Landing precious cargo safely since 1938

“Our vision is to bring a new dimension of safety to personal transportation.”

– Dario P. Manfredi, Founder

Who We Are


ASR-Pioneer has been developing aerospace products for over 80 years.  Our products are used by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world and range from life saving devices to components integral to system testing and operation.  We have a range of off the shelf aerospace products, but also have the experience to evaluate specific engineering products and provide unique solutions

Aviation Safety Resources

Aviation Safety Resources began in 2000 as a private company owned by Dario P. Manfredi and Savia Giarraffa, son and daughter of the late Dario J. Manfredi, an
entrepreneur who devoted his life to designing and testing an innovative parachute recovery system. Today, the Aviation Safety Resources, Inc., team has embraced
our founders’ vision and expanded on it to address the safety needs of a new generation of aircraft. Our technology-driven team has a new business approach,
extensive aviation leadership experience, and vehicle recovery system expertise that includes parachute canopy design and manufacturing, ballistics & ejection
technologies, and aircraft interface engineering.

Pioneer Aerospace

AS9100 & ISO 9001-2015

Pioneer Aerospace is a world leader in the design and manufacture of state of the art aerodynamic deceleration systems. These systems support specialized tactical,
personnel, cargo, humanitarian, weapons, and space exploration programs. Our sophisticated aerial delivery systems are in use all over the globe. Pioneer’s success is
founded on over 80 years of parachute development and manufacturing experience. Please use the menus above to enter our site or contact us with any inquiries.

Strong Enterprises

Strong Enterprises’ company precept is “The Parachute Company with Imagination.” This was true in 1961 when Ted Strong founded the company, and it continues to be true today. With progressive creativity, our company balances research and development to fill new needs with our inventions that have stood the test of time. We have designed and built round parachutes from six inches (stabilizing systems) to 98 feet in diameter, and ram-air parachutes from 12 sq. ft. to 1800 sq. ft. We are the oldest manufacturer of general aviation parachute equipment in the United States. You can find Strong products at nearly every airport, military installation, and parachute and skydiving center around the world. Our products have flown on the early pioneering space shuttle missions, and our systems are part of planned civilian space exploration. If it can be sewn or jumped, we can do it.

Strong Enterprises has established extensive test capabilities that we can use in developing your project. Strong Enterprises’ quality management system is ISO 9001:2015/AS9100 compliant. In meeting these requirements, our customers are assured that products and services they receive from Strong Enterprises will be free of defects and will comply with internationally accepted aerospace quality standards.


ISO 9001-2015

Airlift Technologies International, Inc. (ATI) is a U.S. Corporation based in Milton, Florida, acquired by Pioneer Aerospace in 2005. ATI is an approved U.S. Government manufacturing and engineering company that specializes in the design and production of aerial delivery systems, airdrop qualification testing, airdrop load design, systems related logistic support, and complete and comprehensive training of all ground and air crew personnel involved in cargo airdrops. ATI is clearly recognized as the world leader in Air Cargo Delivery System Technology. Additionally, ATI is an approved NASA contractor responsible for loadmaster cargo mission management and support services for Space Station Critical Lift movements that utilize the NASA Super Guppy aircraft. Airlift Technologies International is capable of supplying all the essential hardware and training necessary to enable your forces to take full advantage of any aerial delivery platform.

A Few of Our Accomplishments

Years in Business
0 M
Parachute Deliveries
Where We Are

5 Locations in the U.S.

The Legacy & Innovative History of Three Companies Now Integrated

Pioneer Aerospace Founded
Strong Enterprises founded
ASR established as a family-owned company
Strong introduced Screamer, a cargo delivery system for the military
Strong introduced SET-366, a main canopy for the Tandem industry
ASR awarded patent for Smart Recovery System for General Aviation Aircraft
ASR incorporated to serve growing UAM/AAM market

Pioneer has supported more Mars missions than any company in the industry.

Opening of new headquarters facility in Nicholasville, KY
ASR acquires Strong Enterprises
ASR acquires Pioneer Aerospace

Board of Directors

Dario Manfredi is an accomplished financial executive who, along with his brother and sister, inherited the patent estate for the life-saving ASR TriChute Safe Landing System. Dario formed Aviation Safety Resources to commercialize the system. A former Senior Auditor and Senior Accountant in Controller’s Department of Empire Savings Bank in New York, and Fortune 500 J.P. Stevens and Company. Dario is a graduate of St. John’s University in Queens, NY, where he also earned his MBA.

An accomplished entrepreneur and aviation industry veteran, David Treinis was appointed as an independent Director in June 2019. David served as executive vice-president for the X PRIZE Foundation where he managed fulfillment between Foundation and its presenting sponsors. He spearheaded VIP and public events during “X1” and “X2” prize-winning private space-flight launches in Mojave, Arizona. David also served as Vice President of Aviation Services for AirNet Systems, Inc. (NYSE:ANS) where he conceived and developed alternative services to leverage the Company’s mature infrastructure and existing market strategy. He founded and grew “JetRide” Private Charter division to become the company’s fastest growing business unit. David is a graduate of the Stanford University School of Chemical Engineering, where he earned a Bachelor of Science degree. He served as vice chairman of the prestigious Lindbergh Foundation from 2005 to 2012 and currently serves on the X PRIZE Advisory Committee.

Born in Oakland, California and growing up a son of a career Navy officer, Rich’s course steered him into medicine and aviation as a Navy Flight Surgeon. “Doc” underwent training at the Naval Aerospace Medical Institute in Pensacola and completed his tour of duty at the Naval Air Test Center and Test Pilots School at Patuxent River, Maryland. “Doc’s” experiences at the Navy’s Test Center led him to restoring a “Stable” of Warbirds, all of which he flies often and proficiently. With over 7,500 flight hours, the words “Static Aircraft” are NOT in this aviator’s vocabulary. Rich was a member of EAA Warbirds Board of Directors, member of X-Prize Board of Directors, Board of Directors, Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and has flown in EAA AirVenture Oshkosh airshows every year since 1992, in the T-28, T-2, L-39, TA-4J and FJ4B.


Richard V. Spencer is a retired USMC helicopter (H-46) pilot and a highly accomplished fixed wing aviator. He was the 76th Secretary of the Navy, sworn into that office on August 3rd, 2017. Prior to that he was Managing Director of Fall Creek Management LLC which focuses on value enhancement of private companies through capital investment and advice. He is former Vice Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of Intercontinental Exchange, Inc. (NYSE:ICE) the leading electronic commodity futures exchange. He served in that capacity from November 2001 through January 2008. While at ICE he was responsible for the transition of the company from private to public, including recruiting the Board, the initial public offering and the subsequent three secondary offerings, financial reporting, strategy development and implementation, and human resources.

Prior to that Richard was the President of Crossroads Investment Management LLC a leading venture capital and private equity fund-of-funds investment firm. He joined Crossroads in 1998 after working on Wall Street for 16 years. During that period his responsibilities centered on investment banking services focusing on strategic advisory services and capital markets underwriting. Mr. Spencer graduated from Rollins College in 1976 with a Bachelors of Arts degree in economics. He is a member of the board of directors of Global Atlantic Financial Group, 86 Borders LLC, Inc. and Honoring Our Vets.

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