Aerospace Products for Defense, Space & Commercial Applications

We are a leader in the analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems and associated equipment for a variety of military and commercial customers and applications worldwide.

Experienced Aerospace Design


ASR-Pioneer has been developing aerospace products for over 80 years.  Our products are used by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world and range from life saving devices to components integral to system testing and operation.  We have a range of off the shelf aerospace products, but also have the experience to evaluate specific engineering products and provide unique solutions

Optimized & Industry-ready Solutions


When complex solutions are needed for landing spacecraft on other planets or returning crews and capsules to earth safely, ASR-Pioneer has solutions that work.  ASR-Pioneer has 6 parachutes on mars and has assisted in nearly all mars lander missions.  ASR-Pioneer parachute systems are used worldwide for recovery of spacecraft for military, commercial and private ventures

Keeping Our Military Safe

Military & Defense

ASR-Pioneer is an approved U.S. Government manufacturing and engineering company that specializes in the design and production of aerial delivery systems, airdrop qualification testing, airdrop load design, systems related logistic support, and complete and comprehensive training of all ground and air crew personnel involved in cargo airdrops. ATI is clearly recognized as the world leader in Air Cargo Delivery System Technology.

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