ASR-Pioneer has been developing aerospace products for over 80 years.  Our products are used by some of the largest aerospace companies in the world and range from life saving devices to components integral to system testing and operation.  We have a range of off the shelf aerospace products, but also have the experience to evaluate specific engineering products and provide unique solutions

Deceleration Parachutes

Deceleration parachutes also known as braking parachutes and drogue parachutes are used for aircraft deceleration.  ASR-Pioneer designs and manufacturers a wide range of brake and drag parachutes for military and other applications.

Aircraft Emergency Parachute Recovery Systems

ASR-Pioneer provides a wide array of whole-aircraft emergency recovery parachute systems are designed to safely bring down an entire aircraft and its occupants in the event of an in-air emergency.

Spin Recovery Systems

ASR-Pioneer develops specialized testing and certification equipment. Important safety equipment, such as stall/spin recovery parachutes, which generally are not installed on production aircraft, are used during testing and certification of aircraft for spins and spin recovery.

Parachute Development

Personnel Parachute Systems

ASR-Pioneer has a variety of personnel parachute systems as well as tandem systems. From parachute systems to restraint devices, our highly skilled team is ready to listen and help you develop your ideas.

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