Atmospheric re-entry whether on mars or here at home.  You need a company with experience to ensure that vehicle gets to where it’s going safely.  The ASR-Pioneer team is a trusted name to ensure that all your payloads, either people or precious cargo lands safely.  Our engineer team has developed products like Mars entry systems, earth reentry systems, balloon payload recovery systems and Ballute decelerators. 

Aircraft Deceleration


Parafoils are used in a wide variety of applications. This massive parafoil deploys in 5 stages for optimum performance. A drag chute would have been released from the rear of the X-38. This drag chute would have been used to stabilize and slow the vehicle down. The parafoil (area of 687 square meters) was then released. It would open in five steps (a process called staging). While the staging process only takes 45 seconds, it is important for a successful chute deployment. Staging prevents high-speed winds from tearing the parafoil.

Spacecraft Deceleration

Interplanetary Atmospheric Re-Entry

A deployable decelerator like a parachute can slow down a spacecraft after a heat shield. Typically a Disk-Gap-Band parachute has been used, but another possibility are trailing or attached inflatable entry devices.

Multi-Purpose Parachutes


ASR-Pioneer manufactures drogue parachutes designed for deployment from a rapidly-moving object. It can be used for various purposes, such as to decrease speed, to provide control and stability, or as a pilot parachute to deploy a larger parachute. Vehicles that have used drogue parachutes include multi-stage parachutes, aircraft, and spacecraft recovery systems.


Commercial Crew Drogue and Mortar Assemblies

Designed for High Altitude


ASR-Pioneer has a variety of ballute parachute systems.  Ballutes are designed as a parachute-like braking device optimized for use at high altitudes and supersonic velocities.

Space Landings on Mars and Beyond

Pioneer: Mars Pathfinder
Pioneer: Mars Exploration Rovers
Pioneer: Stardust
Pioneer: Mars Scout Phoenix
Pioneer: Mars Science Laboratory
Pioneer: Mars INSIGHT
Pioneer/Fox Parachute: Type Classify the G-16 Cargo Parachute

Pioneer has supported more Mars missions than any company in the industry.

Pioneer: Osiris Rex (Planned Reentry)

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