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Military, Commercial & Space

We are a leader in the analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems and associated equipment for a variety of military and commercial customers and applications worldwide.

Commercial Aviation

ASR-Pioneer has a variety of general aviation parachute systems.  We are the oldest manufacturer of general aviation parachute equipment in the United States. You can find our products at nearly every airport, parachute, and skydiving center around the world.  Our aircraft emergency parachute recovery systems can be used on sport, ultralight, & experimental aircraft.  Our engineers are working with cutting edge VTOL and eVTOL to provide products to ensure public safety.

314 rv-4 parachute seat


ASR-Pioneer has been providing parachute systems for militaries around the world for decades.  Products like military parachutes, ejection seat parachutes, cargo delivery, deceleration parachutes, and a variety of aerial delivery equipment.  ASR-Pioneer can be your one stop for all of your military product needs.


ASR-Pioneer has been involved in the development and testing parachute space systems since the inception of programs that required these technical solutions.  ASR-Pioneers engineering team has the experience for design and analysis as well as the know how to get all of the testing done to ensure products meet your unique requirements.  We developed the parachutes for the mar’s pathfinder in 1996 and other mars missions.  In addition, our parachutes have been used on a variety of NASA programs like SRB recovery for the space shuttle program and other re-entry vehicles for safe crew return for space station missions as well a commercial space ventures.

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