Commercial Personnel Parachute Systems


We are a leader in the analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems and associated equipment for a variety of military and commercial customers and applications worldwide.

303 Back

303 Pack is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is at a minimum and moving forward in the cockpit is not restricted. 303 Back includes:

  • Harness/Container
  • Mid-Lite Parachute or 30 FT Lo-Po
  • Ripcord
  • Lil Grabber Pilot Chute
  • Carry Bag

304 Seat

304 Seat is designed to be used in airplanes where cockpit space between the chest and the yoke/stick is restricted, but some headroom is available.  Add height and comfort using a custom Travel Cushion.

305 XC Chair

305 Cross-Country XC is designed to be used in airplanes where the seat is reclined.  Very popular with Glider Pilots, 305 is the longest and thinnest Para-Cushion Model, a back parachute with an L-shaped lightly-padded chair underneath.

306 Squadron Seat

306 Squadron Seat is designed to be used with bucket style seat pans found in most warbirds with little or no headroom restrictions.

311 Wedge

311 Wedge is designed to be used in airplanes where headroom is at a minimum and the backrest is at a straight upright angle with the seat bottom.  This unique configuration allows for maximum comfort for the pilot by using the shape of the parachute system to put you in a slightly reclined position.

314 RV-4 Seat

314 RV-4 Seat is designed to fit into the seat bottom recess in RV-4 and RV-8 aircraft with the factory cushion removed.  Can be used in other aircraft in which a less rectangular shaped seat is desired.

acro pro parachute

Acro Pro

Acro Pro is designed with Aerobatic Pilots in mind. At just 14 lbs., this lightweight, thin, and comfortable model supports the pilot during high G maneuvers while maintaining comfort and safety.  Smaller Pilots love to pair Acro Pro with our Lo-Po Lite Canopy, creating one of the smallest, lightest systems on the market.

L-39 Chair

L-39 Chair is designed exclusively for the L-39 Albatros Jet. The design incorporates existing Russian designed pilot restraint system found on the original assembly, including shoulder roller guides for inertial reels and seat belt buckles at the hips. This provides you with fit-and-fly technology that perfectly replaces the original equipment and gives you peace of mind knowing that you have a comfortable, top of the line system.

307 Sukhoi

307 Sukhoi is built specifically for the Sukhoi SU-26 aircraft. The Sukhoi SU-26 has a hole in the back of the seat 12″ x 16″ (30.48 cm x 40.64 cm), and the 307 has the container mounted in the middle of the back to fit precisely into that slot. It works perfectly!

Aircraft Emergency Parachute Recovery Systems - Low Profile Mounted Container (LPM)

This style is simply a low-profile version of the canister, sealed in a durable container however this system type is only mounted horizontally as it is designed to extract vertically. The LPM lends itself well to external applications where the parachute will deploy directly into the airflow over the aircraft wings.

Aircraft Emergency Parachute Recovery Systems - Bagpack

BagPack systems employ a durable nylon bag to enclose the parachute and because they are pressure-packed to set their shape and baked to eliminate moisture, they provide a stable rigid pack with the longest possible repack cycle. ASR does not prohibit the  BagPack systems on open frame aircraft, however due to the lack of protection from the elements, they are best suited for use within the fuselage.

Aircraft Emergency Parachute Recovery Systems - Canister

Canister systems utilize a sleeve deployed parachute sealed in a carbon fiber tube along with the canopy’s suspension lines and riser. Like all ASR styles, the parachute is pressure-packed to set its shape and then baked to eliminate moisture. ASR canister systems are commonly used on ultralight, trike, and other types of open-frame aircraft where environmental exposure is a concern, but they also lend themselves nicely to interior mounts. Because they are protected from the environments, canister systems have a 12 year repack requirement.

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