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Atmospheric re-entry whether on mars or here at home.  You need a company with experience to ensure that vehicle gets to where it’s going safely.  The ASR-Pioneer team is a trusted name to ensure that all your payloads, either people or precious cargo lands safely.  Our engineer team has developed products like Mars entry systems, earth reentry systems, balloon payload recovery systems and Ballute decelerators.

Mars Entry Systems

ASR-Pioneer has developed Mars entry systems for variety of Mars missions.  The system comprises of a deployable decelerator like a parachute that can slow down a spacecraft after a heat shield.  Once the vehicles has been slowed, typically a Disk-Gap-Band parachute has been used, but another possibility are trailing or attached inflatable entry devices.

erath re entry

Earth Re-Entry Systems

As the provider of the Parachute Recovery System for both NASA’s Stardust and the OSIRIS-REx programs,  ASR-Pioneer has hands on experience and a unique understanding of the various challenges of re-entry programs. Among them are system volume/mass limitations, long duration space exposure, production and test schedule limitations, and complex integration issues – all of which were encountered and overcome during the course of these past programs. We can use our experience from these past programs to be proactive and apply “lessons learned” to emerging re-entry program requirements.

Balloon Payload Recovery Systems

Balloon payload recovery systems have been used as highly reliable platforms by scientific and military end-users since the late 1940’s.

These high-altitude balloons are designed to successfully carry payloads from a few pounds to over four tons to the edge of space to gather valuable information. Quickly deployable these high altitude balloons are capable of short and long duration flights that serve a wide range of dynamic and critical missions.

Images of test team with test vehicle/parachutes (above left) and balloon flight train (above right).
Images of the Ringsail inflated at the edge of space (above left) and just before landing (above right).
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ASR-Pioneer has a variety of ballute parachute systems.  Ballutes are designed as a parachute-like braking device optimized for use at high altitudes and supersonic velocities.

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