From development of some of the world’s largest parafoils to landing spacecraft on other planets, Pioneer’s engineering staff produces some of the most sophisticated parachutes, super-sonic decelerators and ancillary equipment in the industry. We are a leader in the analysis, design, development, fabrication, testing and integration of reliable aerodynamic deceleration systems for a variety of military and commercial customers and applications worldwide.

Experienced Aerospace Design

Design & Engineering

  • Complete Recovery System Design
  • Research and Development of Innovative Deceleration / Recovery System Concepts
  • Recovery / Deceleration Methods and Sequence Definition
  • Parachute Components and System Performance Analysis
  • Components and System Structural Analysis
  • 3-D Modeling and Finite Element Analysis for Optimized Hardware Design
  • 2-D and 3-D Detailed Drawings
  • Use of numerical codes specifically developed for Aerodynamic / Parametric analysis of parachute deployment and inflation, canopy stress, aerodynamic stability and deployment method development
  • Fluid dynamics analysis for pressure distribution assessment in support of parachute design
  • Aerodynamic scaling analysis in support of development and test of new designs
  • High-fidelity modeling and prototyping of parachute components
  • Component and system reliability analysis reporting
  • Complex machining process definition and supervision
  • Vehicle Interface Definition and Integration
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Optimized & Industry-Ready


  • Prototype, test and flight article fabrication and assembly
  • Parachute fabrication and assembly for Space Missions
  • Guidance and Control System design, development and implementation
  • Deployment System development and testing including mortars and rockets
  • Test Instrumentation design, fabrication and implementation
  • Air Drop Test Vehicle design and fabrication
  • Aerial Drop Testing from helicopters or aircraft at a wide variety of weights and test conditions
  • Test Range Coordination
  • Full and sub-scale wind tunnel testing
Parachute Rigging, Airdrops & More


ATI offers several Advanced Airdrop Load and Parachute Rigger courses. These Courses of Instruction are designed for certified Airdrop Rigger Officers, NCOs and experienced certified junior Rigger personnel. The scope of all courses cover a myriad of airdrop equipment, procedures and aircraft. These courses are taught by ATIs Mobile Training Team (AMTT) which consists of retired U.S. Army Riggers and U.S. Air Force Load Masters that are Subject Matter Experts in their fields and have deployed worldwide bringing years of experience for a complete training experience. Each Course of Instruction uses the most current U.S. Military and ATI procedures and technical manuals. Participants will receive ATI certificates for each course upon completion.

The ATI Advanced Courses differ in length, may be taken together or may be tailored to country or mission specific requirements. The student to instructor ratio is 8:1, with the instruction taking place in the host country utilizing host aircraft for a total training package.

The Personnel Parachute Packing Course is designed for both entry level and experienced Parachute Riggers. The course of instruction for new Riggers begins with the very basics of parachute packing, while experienced Riggers will be instructed on new parachute systems. The course of instruction covers all static line personnel parachutes including T-10, T- 11, MC-1, MC-6 with their respective reserve parachutes. ATIs Mobile Training Team is comprised of retired U.S. Army Parachute Riggers, with all holding Master Parachutist, Jump Master and Instructor ratings.

The Humanitarian Airdrop Container Course is designed to instruct certified Airdrop Load and Parachute Riggers in procedures necessary to support Humanitarian, Natural Disaster Operations and other emergency situations with airdrop. Life sustaining items such as food, water, shelter and medical supplies can be delivered in mass quantities to displaced or stranded personnel.

  • Container Delivery System (CDS) and Assembly Line Rigging utilizing Low and High Velocity Parachute systems
  • Low Cost Airdrop with Low Cost Containers and Parachutes
  • Rotor and Fixed Wing Aircraft Door Bundle Resupply
  • Combat Off Load of Mass Supply utilizing 463L Pallets or Type V Airdrop Platforms
  • Rotor and Fixed Wing Aircraft Free Drop of Domestic Animal Food

The Special Operations Equipment Airdrop Course consists of training for certified Airdrop Load and Parachute Riggers assigned to or in support of Special Operation Units or missions.

  • Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB) Airdrop utilizing the ATI Boat Aerial Delivery Separation System (BADSS) or the Air Droppable Rescue and Survival System (ADRSS) – 3 Weeks
  • Combat Rubber Raiding Craft (CRRC) utilizing the Combat Expendable Platform – 2 Weeks
  • All‐Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and Motorcycle Airdrop – 2 Weeks

The Joint Airdrop Inspector Course is designed for experienced certified Airdrop Load NCOs, Junior NCOs and Loadmasters. This course covers the before and after loading aircraft inspections with particular emphasis on safety and preventing parachute and equipment malfunctions.


  • The Drop Zone Safety Officer and Malfunction NCO Course is designed for experienced Officers and Senior NCOs. This course includes training in both personnel parachute and airdrop operations.
    • Drop Zone Setup Procedures
    • Aircraft Communications
    • Parachute or Equipment Malfunction Investigation Procedure

The Sling Load Inspector Course is designed to certify Officers, NCOs and Junior NCOs in sling load equipment, rigging, inspection and aircraft procedures. These personnel then become the Subject Matter Experts for training support personnel in their assigned units. Personnel attending this course need not be Airdrop Load and Parachute Riggers but must be comfortable working around and under rotor wing aircraft.

  • Sling Load Equipment Inspection
  • Rigging and Inspection of Containers and Vehicles
  • Landing and Extraction Zone (LZ/EZ) Procedures

The Airdrop Load Design and Qualification Course consists of training required for certified Airdrop and Parachute Rigger Officers and Engineers to design, test and qualify equipment for airdrop from military cargo aircraft. The course is based on the most current U.S. Military policies and procedures in accordance with the U.S. Army Natick Soldier Research, Development and Engineering Center protocols. The student to instructor ratio is 10:1, with training taking place at the Airlift Technologies International facility in Milton, FL USA. Participants will receive an ATI certificate upon completion of the course.

The Course of Instruction includes:

  • Introduction to Low velocity Airdrop Aircraft Interior Load Restraint
  • Load Planning Extraction Parachutes
  • Parachute Aerodynamics Platform Rollout and Tipoff
  • Aircraft Reaction to Extraction Aircraft-Load Velocity Relations
  • Suspension/Attachment Points Shock Mitigation
  • Parachute Trajectories
  • The Course Military Documentation includes:
  • MIL-HDBK-669 Loading Environment and related Requirements for Platform Rigged Airdrop Material
  • MIL-HDBK-1791 Designing for Internal Aerial Delivery in Fixed Wing Aircraft
  • MIL-PRF-9884 Performance Specification, Pad, Energy Dissipater
  • MIL-STD-206 Interface Standard for Lifting and Tiedown Provisions
  • MIL-STD-814 Requirements for Tiedown, Suspension and Extraction Provisions on Military Material for Airdrop
  • USAF TO 1C-130-9 USAF C-130 Cargo Loading Manual
Expert Riggers

Parachute Inspection, Repair & Repacks

When its time to ensure that your parachute is repacked correctly, trust the experts.  At ASR-Pioneer we have parachute riggers who are trained and licensed to pack, maintain or repair parachutes. Our staff of parachute riggers are required to understand fabrics, hardware, webbing, regulations, sewing, packing, and other aspects related to the building, packing, repair, and maintenance of parachutes.

High Accuracy & Production

Cut and Sew

ASR-Pioneer is an industry leader in cutting and sewing of an array of fabrics.  We have specialty equipment that is capable of cutting fabrics to a high accuracy and at a high production rate.  We are capable of supplying any of your cut fabric needs as well as sewing articles at a high volume.

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